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Let us guess...You KNOW you should be doing more on social media than you currently are. But despite being "on your list" for the past umpteen months or years, it just keeps falling to the bottom and it PAINS YOU.


After all, you know that 82% of Twitter users are watching videos (and those videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted) and that YouTube has over ONE BILLION viewers (nearly a third of all internet users). You also know that video content will showcase your thought leadership, speaking prowess, and personality better than any meme or text message.


Recording videos is easy but, you can never seem to find the time to finalize, polish and perfect them so you put off the whole damn thing and just leave it languishing on your list.


Well, move those social media videos back to the TOP! We're here to help!



We're experts at helping speakers, like you, reinforce their brand through video and this includes videos on social media. 


From YouTube to LinkedIn, Twitter to Instagram, we know what awesome videos look like and we can take your fabulous content and ensure that it's beautifully presented for each platform. Plus, we'll be interviewing you to understand your style and goals so we can deliver you the perfect videos.


You provide the content (a purpose recorded video, an audio file, clips of you speaking...whatever you've got) and we'll top, tail, polish, highlight, enhance, combine, caption and amaze your audience with your social media goodness!

Easy Pickings: Select Your Style and Frequency

While we're happy to customize something just for you, if you're like most of our speaker buddies, you might not even be sure what to ask or expect. So, here are our most common options for you to start with. Each style below showcases a different type and level of editing and pizazz. Choose the one that suits you best and let's talk!

You don't want anything fancy, you just want to deliver consistent, quality content without it costing you your social life. Your idea of a perfect social media video is pretty much you speaking on or to the camera.


  • Social Icons get cleaned up and trimmed videos that are topped and tailed for use on your preferred social media platform(s)

  • Each final video is up to 5 minutes in duration (edited down from up to 10 minutes of original footage you provide)

  • We'll create your opening logo animation and a closing call to action (your choice from 3 styles)

  • Add some additional personality by choosing from a selection of 3 video themes and background music tracks

  • Pure and simple videos get delivered just 1 week after you submit the footage so it's easy to get on a schedule and stay on it


Pricing Guide: From $60 per video (annual subscription for weekly videos) to $100 for a single video



You see your social media videos as an important element of your brand. Make your social videos stand out and be shared with cool editing and stylization that reinforce your messages and your brand. 

  • You'll make a bolder statement with videos up to 7 minutes in duration drawn from the 15 minutes of footage you provide

  • We'll break out some fancy editing that will keep people watching like call outs of key messages, picture in picture stock photos, zoomed camera angles, background music (choose from 5 tracks) and more

  • Of course, you'll also get opening logo animation, closing call to action as well as a branded thumbnail image that's uniquely created for each video

  • You give us 2 weeks of lead time and we'll give you a fab video, complete with captions, that you'll be proud to share

Pricing Guide: From $95 per video (annual subscription for weekly videos) to $100 for a single video


If you see social media videos as a critical to your marketing and brand and you want to make a statement - this one's for you. We'll make sure your video is the one that all the other speaker's hope to emulate someday.



  • Stretch your creativity to its limits and we'll help - This is the perfect choice if you're looking to use a green screen or some serious editing options like stock videos, multiple source videos and more

  • Your awesome videos will be up to 7 minutes in duration edited down from 15 minutes of footage (from one or more sources)

  • We'll create totally custom logo animations, callout/text styling, thumbnail images and more

  • While these videos take a bit longer for lead time (3 weeks), we promise they'll be worth the wait


Pricing Guide: From $150 per video (annual subscription for weekly videos) to $250 for a single video