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Video is the most compelling tool you have to convince a potential booker that you are the best person for their event but you only have about 15 seconds to hook them. If a picture paints a thousand words then your video is a masterpiece novel!


Whether you call it a sizzle reel, a speaker preview video or a showreel - it's the critical asset you need to market and sell your services. Sure, you can whip one up on iMovie but if you want to get booked and paid like a professional, then you'll need a video that is professional.


Whether you are a new or seasoned speaker, we can help by creating an engaging, entertaining and persuasive showreel.




So, you know you need a video but when it comes to creating one - especially a GREAT one - you're at a loss for words. We get it, you're a speaker, not a videographer. Lucky for you (and us), we are!


After creating reels and reels of showreels (oh, we crack ourselves up), we saw how overwhelming and mysterious the process felt for our speakers. So, we created a simple, but extremely effective storyboard and creation process.


Using our R.E.E.L. Method (on your own or with our help), you're walked through picking out just the right messages, with just the right presentation, and putting them together in the just the right order. Your storyboard will be compelling and showcase the very best of you.


And while it might go without saying, we'll say it anyway, we're experts at editing and bringing it all together in a way that WOWS! Your goal AND ours is for your video to get you to the top of every speaker bookers' shortlist. ​

Bookers' shortlist...Here we come!

We've put together three easy packages for you to choose from but, not to worry, if you need something special we can do that too.


You're happy to do more of the work to save a few dollars but you still want a great video at the end. If you've got a handful (or more of footage) and tight budget, this might be the option for you!


You'll get a short (but effective) video that's less than 3 minutes long


You'll have access to the R.E.E.L. method guide and template so that you can put together your own awesome storyboard


We'll use that storyboard and up 30 minutes of video clips that you provide

You'll also get to choose from a handful of video style templates, logo reveals and background music files

Your project will be looked after by a client manager and delivered in 4 weeks


You're too busy doing what you do you best and you want to/need to hand over the creation to someone fab like us. If you want more personal guidance and personalization, this is the one for you. 


You'll make a bolder statement with a 3-5 minute video

Using some deft interviewing, we'll personally walk you through the R.E.E.L Method guide and template so you get a truly compelling storyboard

You won't need to worry about sorting through hours of footage because we'll be curating up to 3 hours of your footage for you

Your personal style can really shine through as you select from a bigger list of video style templates, logo reveals and background music choices

Your final results will include two versions of your reel (one for you & one for bureaus) with captioning so it's ready to share

You get the personal touch with a client manager and you'll have it in your hot little hands in just 2 weeks


You've had some showreels in the past that get the job done but you're ready to to make a real statement (and investment) in your video, we're here to partner with you on something amazing.


We'll work with you to make something truly unique and memorable up to 15 minutes in length

We'll be spending time really getting to know your vision for this video and then we'll leverage our R.E.E.L Method to assemble a storyline for you to review

Give us up to 6 hours of footage and we'll find all the best, most relevant clips to support your vision

If you don't have the perfect footage, don't worry - this package includes 1 day of filming with interviews and B-roll

Your custom reel will naturally include a totally custom video style and logo reveal with music to match - heck, you can even include some stock video footage if you'd like

As a VIP, you'll be in regular contact with your client manager and we'll agree the timeline for delivery together