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with video curation services

Great news! You've probably got enough video strewn about on hard drives, flash drives, and cloud drives to build a robust social media calendar and half a dozen showreels. And deep know it.


We get it. We've been hearing it from our speaker friends for years. They learned early on to record EVERYTHING. So, they've been hoarding podcast recordings, speaking videos, interviews, Facebook Live clips, testimonial videos, and everything in between. 

But, like you, they're speakers! So, they probably don't have the time, interest or maybe even the knowledge to do something with all that fabulous content. The result? Gigabytes of greatness lost in the archives. Sound like we might be talking about you?

Your content deserves to be organized, cataloged and LEVERAGED to further you and your brand.


Lucky for you, we love this stuff! We even have someone on our team that specializes in watching, cataloging and organizing all your recorded brilliance so that it can finally be FOUND, USED and SHARED.

Video Curation Services

The process is very simple. You give us all your dusty footage and recordings and we'll give you a well-documented, completely organized library of footage and clips that have been identified, tagged, and categorized.

If there is content that can be reused, we'll find it and make it easy for you to find it, too.

Here's what you can expect from our video curation services: A organized repository of full length and video clips sorted into folders based on usage potential.

Files Organized

As a start, all your files will be given consistent names along with organized folders that capture the video and event. Plus, we'll make sure you've got just one of everything with a backup!


Statistics show that Facebook users want a quick video that lasts less than one minute so they can like it, share it and keep scrolling. For this, we'll be cataloging thought-provoking, surprising and funny clips with a high share factor.

Showreel Ready

Using our R.E.E.L. process, we will be watching for moments that really showcase your awesome-ness and provide the variety of footage, energy, and style that your bookers would want to see. We organize categories into our storyline so it's ready to make its video debut! 


Originally designed for photos, Instagram users love it short and sweet at less than 30 seconds a clip. We'll be keeping a look out for visually awesome shots that grab the eye in order to capture their attention.


YouTube loves a good story!  We'll find your most mesmerizing moments of storytelling (or whatever else you feel deserves a place on your YouTube channel) and flag them up. These video clips can afford to be a bit longer at about 2-8 minutes.


We won't forget about LinkedIn - especially if your target is more corporate. While native video is still relatively new to this platform, we know it gets attention from that critical B2B audience when it has a strong business message. 


Fast and furious best describes Twitter videos (and we know that videos on Twitter are shared 6x more than other content). Target length for these clips is just 45 seconds and we'll find some great soundbites.


We can't help ourselves (and neither should you). GIFs are a little bit of awesome wrapped up in a small package. We'll do our best to find a few fab moments worthy of getting this special treatment.

Pricing is based on the length of your raw footage. Full-service curation is $500/hr of raw footage (a 60-minute keynote, for example), but the cost can be lower if you require less cataloging options. Just let us know - we'll figure it out :)


Given the amount of personal attention needed for each curation client, these services have limited availability so contact us as soon as you decide to take advantage of it. A few hours of curation services could give you weeks or months worth of content to share with your audience.


Plus, don't forget that this service is a great way to lead into our showreel packages and social media video services, too! You'll thank us for it.